Can Smaller Companies Afford a Design Agency?

When it comes to creating a brand identity, working with a design agency to create anything from logos to packaging can often mean spending tens of thousands of dollars, which will stretch many small business or non-existent start-up budgets.

When you’ve got a limited budget, every penny counts. Instead of asking ‘can I afford a design agency?’, you should ask: ‘how do I get the best branding and packaging design for the budget I have?’

Top 3 Jobs for A Digital Nomad

Did you ever dream of travelling the world? Seeing the endless tea fields in Sri Lanka, exploring the cultural heritage sites in Vietnam or standing on the ancient grounds of Machu Picchu? Can you imagine that many 20-something year olds are doing exactly this without giving up their career?

The professional nomad is a new breed, they’re an explorer, adventurer and a creative professional all rolled into one, gathering inspiration from the wonders of the world around them.