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Coffee Packaging – Top Thirty Designs

Some may be modern and sleek, simplistic and understated. Others may be illustrative and colorful, fun and vibrant. While, some may go for a traditional look, seeming premium and classic. Whatever the case may be, coffee packaging design, undeniably, matters.

It seems there has been a move towards distinctive, unique, and smaller coffee brands in recent years. This has led to the need for more specific designs, every single brand looking to stand out and express what they stand for.

The result has been an array of unique designs. Some hit the mark perfectly, and have noticed firsthand the benefits of getting a good look for their product. Others, not as much.

Whether you’re in the coffee industry, or just an enthusiast, these designs are sure to prove inspirational and fascinating. Showing the variety and the flexibility of coffee packaging designs, here are our picks for the to thirty coffee packaging designs.


Wells Coffee Co.

Wells Coffee Co coffee packaging designs

Numeric Coffee

Numeric Coffee packaging designs

Canyon Coffee

Canyon Coffee packaging designs

Cut Ground Coffee

Cut Ground Coffee packaging designs

Deluca Coffee

Deluca Coffee packaging designs

Rio Coffee

Rio Coffee packaging designs

Redemption Roasters

Redemption Roasters packaging designs

The Gardens Table Organic Café

The Gardens Table Organic Café packaging designs

Fuel America Coffee

Fuel America Coffee packaging designs

Atomic Roasters

Atomic Roasters packaging designs

Onyx Coffee Lab

Onyx Coffee Lab packaging designs

Paradise Gourmet-Club

Paradise Gourmet-Club packaging designs

Black Goat Organic Coffee

Black Goat Organic Coffee packaging designs

Port of Mokha Coffee

Port of Mokha Coffee packaging designs

Halfwit Coffee Roasters

Halfwit Coffee Roasters packaging designs

Intelligentsia Coffee

Intelligentsia Coffee packaging designs

Fika Coffee

Fika Coffee packaging designs

Drinkers Cafe

Drinkers Cafe packaging designs

Goshen Coffee Company

Goshen Coffee Company packaging designs

Electric Coffee Co

Electric Coffee Co packaging designs

Huckleberry Coffee

Huckleberry Coffee packaging design

Joe Coffee

Joe Coffee packaging design

Kobrick Coffee Co

Kobrick Coffee Co packaging design

Mirage Arabica Coffee Beans

Mirage Arabica Coffee Beans packaging design

Okay Coffee

Okay Coffee packaging designs

Old Spike

Old Spike packaging design

Number Six Depot

Number Six Depot packaging designs

Touché Coffee

Touché Coffee packaging design

Verve Coffee Roasters

Verve Coffee Roasters packaging design

Middle State Coffee

Middle State Coffee packaging designs

Getting Your Coffee Packaging Design

Getting Your Coffee Packaging Designs

These designs shed light on the incredible amount of options available to coffee brewers, when it comes to their packaging. Developing a look for your brand that represents it has never been more possible. Whether you’re looking for a simplistic and sleek coffee packaging design, or something more traditional and illustrative, you should make sure you get the right look for your coffee – one that makes it stand out on the shelf, and gets customers to pick it up and take it home. Evidence of how much packaging design can influence a buyer’s decision is abundant, and should be listened to.

But for many coffee brewers, the amazing coffee packaging designs on this list may seem unattainable. The final result is amazing, but the price tag may have you looking away. At DesignBro, we believe every coffee brewer deserves a great design, for an accessible price. Designers at DesignBro are hand-picked, experienced and are well-versed in coffee packaging designs. So, if you understand the importance of design for your coffee – this may be the perfect time to take the leap and get your packaging looking as good as the coffee inside tastes. Start your project today, and receive quality designs within days.

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Written by Christiaan

Besides having grown up in the design Industry, Christiaan has advised some of the world's largest companies on their branding & packaging designs. Has been the resident judge for design awards, and has spoken at numerous global design & marketing events. Christiaan founded the London office of the award-winning Cartils agency, and has founded the platform.

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