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Cool Logos To Get You Inspired

A logo is like your brand’s first impression – it’s like your brand’s outfit or handshake. And every logo tells a story, has a certain style, or vibe – whether it be vintage, modern and simplistic, or detailed and illustrative. And then, there are cool logos.

Cool logos make an impression, stand out for being clever, or out of the box, for setting a trend or seeming better than those around it. But how does a logo actually manage this? They push the boundaries of design, and try new things. They represent the brand well, and send a clear message about what the company stands for. This is what makes a logo “cool.”

In this list, we’ve included our favorite logos to inspire you for your very own design. Take a look at these designs and consider which styles you like most, what stands out to you, and what would work for your own look.

With no further ado, here are our top 30 favorite cool logos.































Joining the List of Cool Logos

Hopefully, this list has given you some inspiration for your own design, and showed the immense possibilities available in the world of logo design. The sky is the limit, so make sure you take risks and get a design that stands out, and shakes things up.

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Written by Christiaan

Besides having grown up in the design Industry, Christiaan has advised some of the world's largest companies on their branding & packaging designs. Has been the resident judge for design awards, and has spoken at numerous global design & marketing events. Christiaan founded the London office of the award-winning Cartils agency, and has founded the platform.

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