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Top Ten Craft Beer Designs

Some have puppies, and others mythical creatures. Some are simple, and to the point, while others are experimental and keep you guessing. Whatever the case may be, craft beer design is a hot topic, and for good reason.

Everyday, it may seem like ten new breweries are opening up, and on some days this may be true. The reality is that the craft beer industry is growing at unprecedented speed. For beer lovers, this is a dream come true. For craft brewers, this means more competitors, and a challenge in getting noticed. But for designers? This whole new world proves to be a fun place to experiment.

Craft brewers are seeking to stand out on the shelf, tell their story, and pull in their customers. And design is becoming their weapon of choice. Craft beer design is unlimited and unrestricted by rules or expectations. It’s an industry where creativity is king. The result? Incredible, out of the box designs that tell the tale of fantastic beers.

Whether you’re a craft beer lover, or not, these designs are sure to prove inspirational and fascinating. Showing the variety and the flexibility of craft beer designs, here are our picks for the top ten craft beer designs.


Vocation Brewery

Vocation Brewery is often cited as one of the leaders in craft beer design. Their designs are always a powerful reflection of the beer customers will find inside the bottle. Robot Food, the agency behind these designs, manages to create a look that is youthful and impactful, while looking aesthetically pleasing. With designs that are always pushing the limit, and playing with creativity, Vocation Brewery should, clearly, be on any list that features craft beer designs.


Scotts Brewing Co

New Zealand’s first gluten-free beer by Scotts Brewing Co. ensures its success in the industry with this perfect design for the innovative craft beer. Penny Dombroski has highlighted simplicity with this design, while ensuring the brand stands out on the shelf. The label reads “This is no ordinary beer” and the packaging perfectly reflects this, and the beer within.


Fort Point

Combining illustrative details and a metallic color palette, Fort Point’s new look by Manual caught the attention of the design community. These designs exemplify the creativity that comes with craft beer packaging, and the capacity of craft brewers to develop distinctive and identifiable looks for their brands. Fort Point is likely to be reaping great rewards from such well-developed packaging.


Northern Monk

Much like Vocation, Northern Monk seems to have a tendency of coming up whenever craft beer design is spoken about. And there’s no question as to why. These cans highlight artistic pictures, and tell a story. They have become a symbol of the power of craft beer design to go above and beyond, and shed light on the extent of options available to designers faced with craft beer projects. It’s out of the box thinking that wins, at least for Northern Monk.


Camden Town Brewery

Camden Town Brewery expresses a very clear voice for their brand with this beautiful and bright packaging design by Studio Juice. The British brewery chose to go for a design with a lot of color, and bold typography. It shows the personality of the brand, is sure to stand out on the shelf, and looks great. All in all, an efficient packaging design that makes giving it a spot on this list an easy choice.


Fat Bird

One of DesignBro‘s own, the design for craft beer Fat Bird is a splash of yellow on the shelf, and an eye-catching look for any customer perusing for the right drink. It’s a colorful expression of the brand’s personality, and stands out amongst its competitors. For Fat Bird, the efficiency and quality of the DesignBro platform turned out to be the right choice. The final result puts the brewery directly on our list of best craft beer designs.


Brixton Brewery

Studio Junction, from Brixton themselves, were inspired by the neighborhood for Brixton Brewery’s ideal new design. They avoided the usual cliches, while representing the neighborhood, the drink, and the brand in the best way possible. The recognizable B is sure to find its place on shelves, and be picked up lovingly by those that grow to know, and relate to the brand.


Noble Rey Brewing Co.

Magnificent Beard, the agency tasked with creating a new look for Noble Rey Brewing Company, developed fun and quirky characters that give the cans a personality. The characters reflect the beer within, and exemplify the brand’s capacity to think outside the box and to prioritize creativity. Not only do they look good, but the concept of the design makes them the perfect candidate for this list.


And Union

And Union, modernist Bavarian craft beer, sought out a design that represented who they were and who they wanted to be. For them, simplicity was key. The bright colored cans ensure customers will see the design when they’re deciding which beer to take home, while the simplicity of the actual design expresses who the brand is – with clarity, and confidence.


Sunshine Beverages

Buck O’Hairen’s Sunshine, a new drink by Sunshine Beverages Co. went for a fun, and classy look for their new drink. Device Creative Collaborative, the designers behind the drink’s new look, did an amazing job and caught the attention of the design community with the fantastic design. This stand-out design is a no-brainer for our top ten list of best craft beer designs.

Getting Your Craft Beer Designs

Whether you’re looking for an IPA, or a light lager, chances are the design will play a role in swaying your choice of which beer to pick off the shelf. Craft brewers seeking longevity in the industry either know, or are starting to realize, the importance of design in their industry.

But for many craft brewers, the amazing designs on this list may seem unattainable. The final result is amazing, but the price tag may have you looking away. At DesignBro, we believe every craft brewer deserves a great design, for an accessible price. Designers at DesignBro are hand-picked, experienced and are well-versed in craft beer designs. So, if you understand the importance of design for your craft beer – this may be the perfect time to take the leap and get your beer looking as good as it tastes. Start your project today, and receive quality designs within days.

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