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What is the price for a logo design in 2019?

by DesignBro

Running a business involves estimating costs to deliver the highest quality products to your clients. However, it is likely that you’ll often encounter unexpected obstacles, especially when pushing projects through that final 1% until completion. Being able to approximate costs, in particular when it comes to outsourced professional work related to marketing, can do wonders for the quality of your projects and personal stress levels.

Knowing the fair price range for a service can also make you a much better negotiator, since you’ve gotten the information to leverage. Although this won’t make much of an impact when negotiating with a single designer or a small agency, it can definitely come in handy when dealing with companies, which by default are often predatory and want to squeeze as much profit out of their client as possible.

Having this kind of information supplies you with a professional tone that enables you to avoid some of the costs that’s considered to be part of the professional logo business. So, let’s take a look at the price for a logo design in 2019.

How much does a logo design cost?

Logo design price often doesn’t include marketing, supplies, or branding costs unless explicitly stated. When you’re dealing with a freelancer, you might get by with a couple hundred dollars. However, the full package that includes a professional logo, the art and involvement at all stages of the design process can cost up to a million with some well-known agencies or graphic designers.

The problem is that, at times, the logo quality doesn’t necessarily match the price that designers or agencies charge. This means that you cannot always expect a higher-priced logo to be better than a logo that costs less. You might find an agency that delivers exquisite work below the market price or a pricey agency that delivers mediocre results. Although it might sound surprising, it is actually quite true – the price tag is often a poor indicator of what you’re going to get when it comes to professional design services.

Discovering what your brand needs often requires a human-centered approach that assesses your business from a design standpoint to deliver branding materials. If you already know and understand your brand, you’ve just made the work that much easier, and in all likelihood, cheaper. The more research and data you can provide in your brief, the more you’ve cut down on the cost and complexity of the design before even hiring anyone.

Depending on the preparatory work you’ve already done, you can often negotiate for more favorable terms for your logo design project. Or, you can also just indicate that you know what you’re doing and expect previously agreed on results.

How much would I pay for a logo design?

At DesignBro, the price for logo design starts at $199. This includes, at the very least:

  • 3 original, high-quality logo designs
  • production-ready files needed for your business
  • full copyright on all logos

As your requirements increase, so does the price, however you will be involved in the logo design process every step of the way, even down to inputting RGB values of colors you want to see used in the design. Alternatively, you can fill out the client brief with as much information as you can, and we’ll work on the design until completion.

If you don’t have any ideas about which design direction to go for, we can help you out by finding other great logo designs that can serve as inspiration for you. As with all the other design processes, logo creation is iterative.

Throughout the design stage, you’ll be able to communicate with the designers and give feedback on their logo designs. Once they’ve sent you their revised versions, you’ll be able to select 1-3 finalist designs that you love most. More polishing will be done accordingly to your feedback, and by the end of the finalist stage, you would have to pick the winning design.

Our platform works like a design contest which allows professional and top-quality designers to compete for your business. By doing this, we can ensure that you will be fully satisfied with the results of the logo design project.

Create a logo design by yourself

If you’d like to flex your creative muscles, you can easily find any of the numerous logo design services online. They typically have an automated process where you type in your name and click a couple of logo designs you already like to get a simple, but usable logo that can be immediately passed on to the branding department. However, there will be a couple downsides to this.

At the other end, a computer algorithm crunches your choices and determines what you want to see based off of what previous users who clicked on those same images were happy with. That process is a rough estimate that works most of the time but might not produce anything unique you’d actually like to use for your business.

There are also free programs and apps that you can use to produce a high quality logo. But to be perfectly clear – given enough time, you can create a professional logo for free all by yourself. The only problem is that we can often be so busy with daily tasks that we simply can’t spare a single hour, let alone hundreds of hours needed to make a professional logo.

You could buy Adobe Photoshop for $20.99 a month but you’d also need to watch or read a bunch of tutorials to learn how to use it. Affinity Designer is another great tool for making logos, except it costs $49.99. How about CorelDRAW at $659? The easiest solution is to hire a professional who has already acquired some of these tools and get a high quality logo much more quickly.

Working with a human designer rather than a computer algorithm means actually being listened to by someone who’s been through these same logo design process and knows them inside out. Here at DesignBro we use a human-centered design process that emphasizes personal access to a professional designer, resulting in client agency and logo quality.

You get to be in charge of the process and detail exactly what you want and expect the logo to look like instead of struggling with a computer algorithm. You’ll have a professional designer address your concern while also having the freedom to be as involved in the design process as you desire. If this is what you’re looking for, the DesignBro platform could be the perfect solution for you.

Buy and customize a logo template

The easiest way to make a logo is through what’s known as a “logo template”. In essence, these are pre-made logos that have been stripped of details and often get bundled together by thousands. The designer company that made these logos saves money by selling the same template over and over again, while the user also doesn’t have to make a logo from scratch. Apparently, it’s a win-win situation, so what’s the catch?

The catch is that you, the final user of the logo, aren’t actually buying the logo template, but rather a license to use it in some capacity. That single word, “license”, means that you’re not the owner of the logo but a restricted user who has to abide by the terms and conditions set out with the license, which can be anything the real owner says they are.

For example, buying a “MEGA BUNDLE 1100 Logos & Badges” that costs $19 may seem like a great deal, except that’s the “Personal License”, which means you can’t use the logo for anything except for your own amusement. You won’t even be able to upload the logo to a social media account that has any form of “commercial activity”.

It’s only with the $38 third-tier license, the “Extended Commercial”, that you can finally use the logo in your business. However, there’s still fine print limiting how many products can bear the logo. If you breach any of these terms, you’ll learn the meaning of another fine word – copyright.

In copyright cases, the creator of the content almost always outright wins, resulting in ruinous penalties for the defendant. This is why DesignBro offers such beautiful terms, with two wonderful words: “full copyright”, meaning that once you buy the logo from DesignBro, you are the full owner of the logo design and may use it as you please. There is no fine print, no terms attached and absolutely no legalese.

Online Logo Maker

For those who can’t imagine designing without an internet connection, there is a whole plethora of online logo makers. They range from plain to complex with prices to match. In most cases, the online logo maker doesn’t put the price upfront. Instead, it waits until you’re well underway to making your logo then later presents you with the fee.

Just like what we’ve seen with logo templates, companies that provide the logo services will try to squeeze out as much money as they can out of you. That’s not a problem on its own, except when the fee is intentionally hidden so that you get invested in the logo design process. This typically takes the form of charging up to $50 just to be able to download the logo that you spent time to make.

In worst cases, you may experience the owner company of that logo who will offer several tiers of downloads, with the lowest quality file that is practically unusable for any business purpose still being charged $10-20. There is typically no way to know these fees in advance but there’s another catch – you often have to create an account before being able to access the online logo maker.

The charge then comes out to be:

  • expose your email address to potential spammers
  • spend time to make logo that might be downloadable
  • be charged money to get the logo you made

With DesignBro, it’s all very simple and there are no hidden fees or catches. You commission a logo, pay the amount upfront and get your logo design. It’s straightforward, fair, and sensible.

Crowdsource the design

Crowdsourcing is defined as the “method of outsourcing work by appealing to people to contribute to the project”. In essence, crowdsourcing means the client puts up an order, specifies a budget and gets dozens or hundreds of sample designs. When the client chooses the best design, the winning designer gets paid.

Logo design projects on crowdsourcing websites are priced at around $150, which often nets the client up to a hundred designs from different designers. In theory, this sounds amazing but in practice there is very little involvement from the client, who has to sift through a large number of designs and pick one as the winner. Worse yet, the client can only provide a short description of the logo purpose and a couple of words, such as “playful, traditional” to explain the logo’s look and feel.

Crowdsourcing websites promise that all work sold there is unique but a client doesn’t always have a way of knowing that. If a designer submits a logo design based off of a logo template in breach of a license, the client will get burned with a copyright claim.

At DesignBro, you’ve got plenty of ways to describe your logo and how you want it to look with the creative brief. All work is 100% unique and the copyright is all yours.

Hire a freelance logo designer

Freelancers are a mixed bunch and vary from graphic design amateurs to geniuses. The best way to find out which are which is to prepare a bunch of minor work, such as doing sketches, and see which freelancer turns out to be the most reliable. Because it’s a single person you’ll be dealing with, time zones, the language barrier, and personal issues can all come into effect, hampering how much work you can forward to that one person to do.

Roughly speaking, graphic design freelancers are priced as follows:

  • Offshore Designer: $100 – $250
  • Beginner Freelancer: $100 – $1000
  • Experienced Freelancer: $1000 – $5,000
  • Renowned Freelancer: $5000 – $15,000

The hardest part of working with a freelance graphic designer is searching for that one amazing worker and then having to repeat the entire searching process when he/she eventually takes a break or quits. You’ll inevitably get involved in your freelancer’s personal affairs and have to juggle your own business and that of your freelancer.

However, at DesignBro, there’s an entire team of design experts who can jump in whenever one of them goes down. To ultimate leads to quality and consistency across all DesignBro services.

Hire a logo design agency

Past the freelancer services, there’s a whole new layer of graphic design professionals grouped as agencies. They are roughly priced at:

  • Small Design Studio: $5000 – $30,000
  • Mid-Sized Agency: $5000 – $50,000+
  • Branding Agency: $50,000 – $100,000
  • Renowned Branding Agency: $100,000 – $1,000,000+
  • World Famous Designer: $100,000 – $1,000,000+

Working with a sizable logo design agency comes with a whole slew of benefits, some of which are getting access to a great marketing strategy and a global brand identity. This kind of agency is no longer just a hired worker, but a legitimate business partner that closely coordinates with your company to find the best approach in any given market.

At this stage of the logo design game, the cost can be monstrous. Millions are spent left and right to assess and define the brand without necessarily netting any actual results. That kind of iterative design process is certainly lucrative for the logo design agency, but not many clients can afford that kind of price for such services.

What logo design & branding process include?

Logo design and branding process are complementary parts of a greater design process. In other words, the branding process acts like a framework while the logo design is similar to a small vine spreading across and around the framework.

The branding process involves discovering what makes the brand unique and special from all of its competitors within the same market. It’s all about aligning all communications to this identity so that the brand stands out and is meaningful and memorable to its target audience. Once that is completed, the logo design is halfway done and simply has to be polished accordingly.

For example, a fruit yogurt company might discover that kids and teenagers are the ideal market for the brand. The company decides the marketing will involve purple and red smiley faces with white splashes and starts implementing these elements in all of its marketing materials. By doing this, there is a consistent graphical theme to all the marketing materials that appeals to the target audience, after which point it’s fairly simple to come up with a logo that represents the brand and reinforces that same appeal.

Note that both of these processes should be based on market research and be made to appeal to the target demographic. After all, the more data and research done in advance, the better the results of both branding and logo design will be.

Tips for a successful logo design

Logo design is a creative process that is meant to produce art; simple, but still art. Brainstorming helps immensely when doing creative work, including logo design. So, before you finalize the design concept, try to pick up as many interesting ideas and jot them down. Carefully discard the least valuable ones and repeat the process until you come up with something that is perfect for your brand..

Just like all graphic design processes, logo design is iterative and benefits from grooved communication channels. Everyone should chip in to give their input on what the logo should look and be like. After one logo version is complete, forward it to everyone who gave their input and again ask for opinions. This helps everyone identify with the logo and feel like a part of the team, which means that the logo will ultimately represent everyone in the company.

How to choose a logo designer

Now that you’ve gotten some information on how to create a high-quality logo design, you can leverage what you’ve just learned into striking a great deal for yourself and your business. Ultimately, getting a great logo designer means weighing all the pros and cons until you reach the optimal solution, whether it’s a freelancer or a design agency.

No matter what you choose, DesignBro’s platform will always be at your service to help you discover just the kind of logo that will make your brand shine the way it truly deserves.


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