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Wine Packaging Design: Your Ultimate Guide

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Wine Packaging Design: Your Ultimate Guide

The wine industry is filled with worthy competitors, and it’s important to get the upper hand to ensure people are choosing your bottle, over another. The key for this? A powerful design. This How To Guide will guide you through the design process so you end up with the perfect look for your bottle.

This guide was unbelievably useful in getting our design for our brand new wine. I especially enjoyed the templates that came with the guide. The information was concise and easy to process, but was everything I needed to know to make the right choices throughout the the process.


Gina – Libertango Wine

How to Get Your Guide Today

The presence of the wine bottle at dinners, gatherings, and parties, all around the world has made the industry a powerful one. One filled with competition, businesses looking for the upper-hand. And, in such a competitive industry, design plays a vital role. It can be the differentiator; the reason a possible customer picks one bottle over the other. But, for yours to be the bottle the customers takes home and serves, you have to get the design right.

But, of course, getting the right design can seem intimidating if you’ve never gone through it before, and arguably, even if you have. How do you decide who’s going to make your design? How do you create the perfect briefing? Give the right feedback? Know if you’ve chosen the right design? All of these questions can seem out of your grasp. This is why we’ve created this guide.

At DesignBro, we believe every wine producer deserves a great design. Which is why we’re offering this extensive guide, made with the help of experts. You can download it by filling in your details below.

We pride ourselves on our extensive experience in the world of wine packaging design. Designers at DesignBro are hand-picked, experienced and are well-versed in wine packaging designs. So, after reading the guide, if you’re interested in getting your new look – this may be the perfect time to take the leap and get your wine looking as good as it tastes. Start your project today, and receive quality designs within days.

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Written by Christiaan

Besides having grown up in the design Industry, Christiaan has advised some of the world's largest companies on their branding & packaging designs. Has been the resident judge for design awards, and has spoken at numerous global design & marketing events. Christiaan founded the London office of the award-winning Cartils agency, and has founded the platform.

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