How does someone choose which bottle of wine to take home? What marks their choice as they stare at the shelf, with bottle after bottle sitting upon it? There’s the recognizable names – those are likely to pull them in. But, how do they pick a new wine to try? The bottle design may have more of an impact than you may imagine.

Having a well-done wine packaging design can make your potential client pick the bottle off the shelf and consider it. Then, the age of the wine, or where it’s from, may seal the deal. You need a design that will make your bottle stand out, that will resonate with your client, and pull them in.

There are some wine packaging designs that make an impact, at first glance, that push the boundaries of what a wine bottle needs to look like, and jump out when lined up next to their competitors. It is these designs that we are honoring today.

Below, enjoy our top picks for the top 30 wine packaging designs, including the best and greatest from the industry, and the most unique that can, undoubtedly, stand out on any shelf.


Getting Your Wine Packaging Design

Perhaps, this list has managed to convince you that wine packaging design does matter, or, perhaps, it’s simply served as inspiration, a brainstorm of what you want in your own design. Whatever the case may be, this list should open your mind up to the vast opportunities for wine packaging design, and convince you that creativity and innovation reign when it comes to this area.

All of these designs send a clear message about the wine within the bottle, they tell a story, pull customers in, and convince them to give them a shot. That’s the sign of an effective and well-done design.

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